Good acoustics creates good rooms

Bad acoustics is an invisible problem, but we all know the feeling of entering a room that is just uncomfortable to be in, maybe because of noise from people talking or echoing.

Attention board

Attention Board is our acoustic plates, specially developed by us, which come in the size of 240 x 120 cm with a thickness of 1 cm. Because of how the thin the plates are, they are easily mounted most places. The plates are robust and will not be easily damaged which is an advantage in busy traffic areas. The mounting is possible without screws or brackets.

Attention Boards are available in white, light grey and anthracite grey. No matter the color the boards can be cut into any pattern you might want, shaped as furniture, be printed on or used in its ‘raw’ form. Attention Group A/S have the machines for both printing and cutting the boards, making the delivery time on special orders very short.

Attention Board has achieved an absorption class B based on EN ISO 11654:197 cf. EN ISO 345:2003. The acoustic plates are especially well suited for the purpose of bringing down noise pollution from high frequency sounds such as meeting rooms, open office spaces or glass walls.

Andre / Others

Attention Group A/S retail other renown brands in acoustic plates, acoustic curtains etc.

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