Attention Group A/S udfører renoveringsopgaver i tæt samarbejde med bygherre, arkitekter, ejere med videre. Arbejdet udføres som fagentrepriser henholdsvis hovedentreprenør.

Kendetegnet for Attention Group A/S er, at vi består af en medarbejderstab der er løsningsorienteret, kvalitetsbevidste, fagligt stærke og ikke mindst nysgerrige – det til sammen gør, at vi kan sætte os i kundens sted, udføre opgaverne med den nødvendige omhu, deltage som sparringspartner for løsningsmodeller og, ikke mindst, levere byggepladser rettidigt med en flot finish.

Vi har flere faggrupper in-house samt et godt netværk inden for øvrige faggrupper.

Vi udfører alt inden for renovering og tilbygning, opsætning af lydisolerende glasvægge, erhvervs- og kontorindretning og meget andet. Opgaverne varierer bredt fra indretning af kontorlejemål, kantiner, til renovering af bevaringsværdige ejendomme.


Attention Group A/S perform renovations in close collaboration with the developer, architects and owners.

We work as both subcontractor and main contractors.

Attention Group A/S is characterized by a team of solution-oriented, discerning, highly professional and last but not least curios people. That combined makes us able to put ourselves in the position of the customer, finish the task with the care it takes, participate as a collaborator and last but no means least complete our tasks in time and with a nice finish.

We are several occupational groups represented in-house and have a good network of other professional groups.

We perform anything in renovation and extension, soundproofing glass walls, office decor etc. The tasks vary from the interior design of office spaces and cafeterias to renovation of conservative buildings.


Attention Group A/S started with flooring

The name Attention Floor originated from the wish of giving flooring the attention which is needed if you want to add quality to a room.

We work with many different materials, and we have our very own production of flooring elements in different materials. We are always working on new products based on our customers needs.

Our floors will have different properties depending on glue, underlay and coating according to the room they must match. That means, that we are able to control step noise and wear in such a way that which wasn’t possible or custom just a few years ago.

Attention Floor® Vinyl

Attention Floor Vinyl is our own specially developed vinyl flooring, which is produced with a unique sound absorbency at 16,8 dB and a wood-like surface which is extremely durable. We usually lay Attention Floor® Vinyl in stores or showrooms but increasingly also in office spaces, basements, kitchens, rental flats, schools, public institutions or buildings where they have realised how much the noise of our feet touching the floor actually means for the working environment.

Wooden floors

Wooden floors are classic and we have thousands of variations. We can help with everything from your choice of underlay, glue and coating to visual expression because we know what is essential to the experience of the floor - and the room - now and in the future.


Linoleum is a natural product as well as being one of the oldest known, clean flooring materials. The development through the years means that linoleum is available in all shapes and sizes; lines, tiles, with a soundproofing base and a top coat that makes maintenance easy. Attention Group A/S work with the world’s biggest producers of linoleum which makes us able to deliver almost all types of linoleum flooring on the maket.


A carpet can determine the vibe in a room for all of our senses, it is actively absorbing sound whilst different patterns and qualities can create almost any effect. It does take the proper knowledge to choose the right carpet solution, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We have the tools and the experience to advise you on how you get the best effect out of your carpet.

Contact us on +45 44 53 01 00 to hear more about what we can offer you.


Attention Group A/S has its own collection of machinery specially for foiling, large format printing as well as a machine for cutting in nearly any material

It is therefore possible for us to create standardised and special designed solutions in reasonably time.

We are able to print on almost any material in up till 9 centimeters thick; magnetic, traditional foils, floor foils, glass, wallpaper, textiles, mdf plates, acoustic plates and much more. The print can be up to 3,60 meters wide and - in principle - unlimited in length according to material and the file quality.

The sky's the limit when it comes to cutting and the possibilities are endless; crisscrossing, all the way or half the way, straight or at an angle. The cutouts could be used in flooring, acoustic plates or in materials for your own products.

Attention Group A/S has their own production of signs. Examples of this is, amongst others, Corona-signs, parking signs, sings with or without lighting.

Feel free to contact us if you are facing a challenge, we are certain we can find a great visual and functional solution - inside or outside.

Solar shading

Lighting defines a room and dictates what the room can be used for - and what it can’t be used for.

If the light in a room isn’t controlled properly, the room can become impossible to work in. We have years of experience in creating the right light setting for the spaces we work in. Therefore are we often partnered with contractors and architects, to help them choose the right solution.

External solar shading

When using external solar shading you are not only affecting the internal space, but the appearance of the whole building. It demands a great knowledge in internal light conditions and respect for the building’s character to choose the right solution - whether it be an awning or venetian blinds - as well as the correct way of mounting. We typically mount external solar shading as a part of the overall solution.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blind gives you a great amount of flexibility in regulating the light incidence according to your needs. By using venetian blinds you are able to avoid bothersome sunlight whilst preserving the light from the window.

There are countless of venetian blinds options; vertical slats, horizontal slats, metal, fabric, wood, plastic, with or without electric controls and internal or external. Attention Group can supply most and mount them all. To make sure you make the right decision we can construct simulations of how the different solutions work and thereby provide you with qualified guidance based on our practical experience.


Suspension, operational comfort as well as fabric and colour selection must be cohesive when choosing a curtain solution. We retail several highly renowned suppliers within traditional decorative fabrics and acoustic curtains.

Should the standard designs not be exactly what you are looking for, we produce our own fabrics as well as specialized prints on fabric.

Electrical curtain rods

Attention Shades is our operating system which is controlled remotely or simply by a light pull of the curtain which will activate the motor. This ensures great comfort and prevents damages to the curtains when e.g. guests at a hotel draws their curtains. The transformer is build into the mounts and both motor and transformer are interchangeable when worn.

Contact us at +45 4453 0100 to hear more about what we can offer you within solar shading.


see our cases

Be inspired

See some of the many solutions Attention Group has provided our clients. The page will be updated regularly with new images as we receive the photos.

SiTE Arkitekter, Ordnung, Akeleje, PenSam, Købstædernes Forsikring og Frederiksberg Forsyning are some of the many who have chosen to work with Attention Group. Go through the gallery to see more examples.


Good acoustics creates good rooms

Bad acoustics is an invisible problem, but we all know the feeling of entering a room that is just uncomfortable to be in, maybe because of noise from people talking or echoing.

Attention board

Attention Board is our acoustic plates, specially developed by us, which come in the size of 240 x 120 cm with a thickness of 1 cm. Because of how the thin the plates are, they are easily mounted most places. The plates are robust and will not be easily damaged which is an advantage in busy traffic areas. The mounting is possible without screws or brackets.

Attention Boards are available in white, light grey and anthracite grey. No matter the color the boards can be cut into any pattern you might want, shaped as furniture, be printed on or used in its ‘raw’ form. Attention Group A/S have the machines for both printing and cutting the boards, making the delivery time on special orders very short.

Attention Board has achieved an absorption class B based on EN ISO 11654:197 cf. EN ISO 345:2003. The acoustic plates are especially well suited for the purpose of bringing down noise pollution from high frequency sounds such as meeting rooms, open office spaces or glass walls.

Andre / Others

Attention Group A/S retail other renown brands in acoustic plates, acoustic curtains etc.

Feel free to contact us so that we can find a solution to your challenges.

About Attention Group

Who are we

We are first and foremost a team of highly specialized and innovative craftsmen with a long practical experience and a common vision of performing our jobs professionally. That means that we are an active partner and consider it an honor to meet our customers demands of timely execution and an excellence finish.

Attention Group A/S was originally a flooring company, but as our customers sought help in solving other functions in a hassle free manner Attention Group A/S had undergone a smooth development within products, assortment and tasks. Today, Attention Group A/S offers a full palette within construction, solar shading, flooring, signage, pictures and acoustics.

The customers

Our customers are often companies and public institutions. What they have in common is that the working environment, decoration, durability and finish are essential criteria for creating rooms of high quality. The extent of our work is gladly analyzed and organizes in close cooperation with the customers or their representatives.

The products

Attention Group A/S develops own products because we don’t want to settle for reselling what ever just happens to be on the market. We have our own brands in acoustics, signage, pictures, flooring, carpeting and curtain textiles. All of our products are developed with the intention of accommodating our customers high demands, which makes us an innovative collaborator, solving our part of the task. Furthermore, our own products have made it possible for us to compete on price without compromising on quality.